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New Chair - Van Riebeeck


Van Riebeeck Racing Pigeon Club

15 April 2011

Election of new Chairman

On the 14th April 2011, Bulla de Lange, a veteran of pigeon racing in South Africa, was elected to chair the Van Riebeeck Racing Pigeon Club, following the resignation of Carlos De Sousa as chairman.

With Van Riebeeck Racing Pigeon Club no longer affiliated to the GRPA and having instead associated with ProPigeon Racing, Bulla will fulfill the function of Chairman and Treasurer for the foreseeable future.

Bulla looks forward to his tenure and is confident that the club will continue to grow from strength to strength, with many new applications and enquiries coming forth on a weekly basis.

Van Riebeeck Racing Pigeon Club is one of the oldest and over the years, one of the strongest and prestigious clubs in the southern parts of Johannesburg. It was also one of the founding clubs of the now displaced GRPA.

Carlos De Sousa elected to step down as chairman after his tenure as Chairman and Treasure for the 2010 season. Due to work and personal circumstance Carlos decided to relinquish his chairmanship of Van Riebeeck Club and to concentrate on his professional vocation and to partake in the pigeon sport as an ordinary member instead.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Carlos for his dedication and tireless commitment to the success of the club and to our beloved sport and know that we can count on him for his moral and professional support.




Letter of Gratitude - Chris Prinsloo


Propigeon Racing Pigeon Club

8 April 2011

A word of thanks to Chris Prinsloo, the SANPO Regional Representative for Gauteng.

Chris diligently mediated a difficult impasse between Propigeon Racing Pigeon Club, Van Riebeeck Racing Pigeon Club and the Golden Reef Pigeon Association (GRPA).

A final and amicable resolution between the two clubs and the GRPA, respectively, was reached, thanks to the dedication and professional acumen of Chris Prinsloo. This is an attestation to the gentleman’s commitment to the furtherance and stability of the racing pigeon fraternity in Gauteng and bodes well for the growth of our beloved hobby in the region.

Both the chairmen’s of Propigeon Racing and Van Riebeeck Racing wish to extend our gratitude to Chris for his selfless time and tireless effort in reaching finality on the respective matters.

Yours Sincerely

Bert Kriel – Chairman Propigeon Racing Club

Carlos De Sousa – Chairman Van Riebeeck Racing Pigeon Club


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