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New Chair - Van Riebeeck


Van Riebeeck Racing Pigeon Club

15 April 2011

Election of new Chairman

On the 14th April 2011, Bulla de Lange, a veteran of pigeon racing in South Africa, was elected to chair the Van Riebeeck Racing Pigeon Club, following the resignation of Carlos De Sousa as chairman.

With Van Riebeeck Racing Pigeon Club no longer affiliated to the GRPA and having instead associated with ProPigeon Racing, Bulla will fulfill the function of Chairman and Treasurer for the foreseeable future.

Bulla looks forward to his tenure and is confident that the club will continue to grow from strength to strength, with many new applications and enquiries coming forth on a weekly basis.

Van Riebeeck Racing Pigeon Club is one of the oldest and over the years, one of the strongest and prestigious clubs in the southern parts of Johannesburg. It was also one of the founding clubs of the now displaced GRPA.

Carlos De Sousa elected to step down as chairman after his tenure as Chairman and Treasure for the 2010 season. Due to work and personal circumstance Carlos decided to relinquish his chairmanship of Van Riebeeck Club and to concentrate on his professional vocation and to partake in the pigeon sport as an ordinary member instead.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Carlos for his dedication and tireless commitment to the success of the club and to our beloved sport and know that we can count on him for his moral and professional support.




Letter of Gratitude - Chris Prinsloo


Propigeon Racing Pigeon Club

8 April 2011

A word of thanks to Chris Prinsloo, the SANPO Regional Representative for Gauteng.

Chris diligently mediated a difficult impasse between Propigeon Racing Pigeon Club, Van Riebeeck Racing Pigeon Club and the Golden Reef Pigeon Association (GRPA).

A final and amicable resolution between the two clubs and the GRPA, respectively, was reached, thanks to the dedication and professional acumen of Chris Prinsloo. This is an attestation to the gentleman’s commitment to the furtherance and stability of the racing pigeon fraternity in Gauteng and bodes well for the growth of our beloved hobby in the region.

Both the chairmen’s of Propigeon Racing and Van Riebeeck Racing wish to extend our gratitude to Chris for his selfless time and tireless effort in reaching finality on the respective matters.

Yours Sincerely

Bert Kriel – Chairman Propigeon Racing Club

Carlos De Sousa – Chairman Van Riebeeck Racing Pigeon Club


PPR Constitution

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Name of Association

1.         a.         The Association shall be known as Pro Pigeon Racing , a voluntary Association.

b.         The Association shall consist of such members as are accepted under and subject to its rules and regulations.

c.         The Association is a non-profit organisation and the main area is the promotion of pigeon racing in the greater Gauteng district.

Application for Membership

2.        a.         Application for membership shall be made in writing.

b.         Such applications shall be circulated to Management Committee.  The Committee must advise the Secretary after receiving the mentioned applications, any objections, or consent, where after the Committee will discuss such applications and objections before approval.

c.         The Committee shall than advise the applicant in writing if his/her application was successful or not.

d.         The membership of the Association shall at no times exceed One Hundred (100) members.

Right of Membership Reserved

e.         The right of membership is reserved and the Committee may at its discretion refuse any application for membership without being required to give its reason for such refusal.

f.          Any member so wishing may lodge in writing to the Secretary, notice of objection to granting of membership.

g.          i)  No person shall be considered a member of the Association until such time as his/her membership fee has been received.

ii)  This rule to be read in conjunction with Rule 7 a.1.

h.          The Association may bestow a Life Membership upon any person as it may from time to time decided.


3.         The Officials of the Association shall consist of a Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and Race Secretary  and such other members as shall be determined, all of whom shall be elected annually at the Annual General Meetings if present.


4.         a.            The affairs and assets of the Association shall be vested in and managed, controlled and governed by a  Committee, consisting of the Chairman,  Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and Race Secretary and such other members as shall be determined, and who shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting of Pro Pigeon Racing Club.

b.            The Committee shall have the power to deal with all Associated matters not specifically mentioned or provided for in the rules, providing such    matter is not at variance and its decision shall be final and binding on all members.

c.            In the event of change of the Executive Committee, Committee, Clock Committee or any other Committee instituted, due to unforeseen circumstances the Committee in office shall have the power to Replace or Co-opt a suitable substitute if deemed necessary, until the Annual                             General Meeting.

Power to Suspend Members

d.            The Committee shall further have the power to suspend for a definite period or indefinitely to any member who as acted in an unsportsmanlike manner, has caused a disturbance, used unseemly language or acted in a manner so as to bring the sport of pigeon racing                            into disrepute.

Meetings of Committee

e.            The Committee shall hold meetings at such times and venues as deemed necessary to transact its business.  Two thirds of the Committee members shall form a quorum.

Cessation as Member of Committee

f.            If a Committee member absents him/herself for two consecutive meetings with previous notification, he/she shall cease to be a member of the Committee.

Chairman Additional Vote

5.                       At all meetings the Chairman shall have a casting vote in case of equality of votes.

Right to Appeal to Committee

6.         a.            Any member feeling aggrieved, shall have the right to appeal, in writing, to the Committee and shall forward with such appeal a fee of R5,00 (five rand) of his appeal is upheld the fee will be refused.  If however, the appeal is lost, retention or refund of the fee shall be at the discretion of the Committee.  Canvassing of members of the Committee in cases of appeal or dispute will render the member so doing liable to suspension.


7.         a.          i.            Membership fees of the Association shall be determined at the Annual General Meeting.

ii.            Scheme and all other fees will be determined and be payable as decided at the Annual General Meeting.

Iii            Where two or more partners fly to one loft, such partners shall to all cases be considered and treated as one entity.

Iv            Two or more members may fly to one loft as individuals, provided separate fees are paid in respect of each such member.

b.            Clock rules in operation   by SANPO will apply at all times to the races flown in the respective clubs.

Safe Deposits and Withdrawals

8.         a.            All monies received on behalf of the Association shall be paid into the bank or banks, and all cheques shall be signed by any officials authorised for that purpose by the Committee.

Purchase of Lease Property

b.            The Association may purchase or otherwise acquire and hold or sell or otherwise alienate, lease or deal with assets of the Association.

Reports and Accounts

9.         a.            The books and accounts of the Association shall be written up and balanced as early as possible after conclusion of each racing season.  The end of the Financial Year shall be at the end of December of each year.

b.            The Association shall keep or cause to keep proper books or account, and shall present an Annual Report on the working of the Association together with a statement of Revenue and Expenditure for the year  at each Annual General Meeting properly audited by someone qualified and appointed by the Committee.

Annual General Meetings

10.       a.            A meeting styled at the Annual General Meeting shall be held once every year, but not later than the 31st March of the year under review.

Right to Vote

b.            Every member (except Juniors,) whose membership fees and other dues are fully paid up shall have the right to vote.

Special General Meetings

c.            Such other ‘Special General Meetings’ shall be called at the discretion of the Committee or at any time by a requisition signed by at least five.

Members of the Association provided the Secretary has been given at least 5 (five) days notice in writing.  No other business may be discussed except that stated in such requisition and no amendment shall be substituted.


d.            Three-fifths of the members to form a Quorum subject to the proviso, however, if there is no quorum , the meeting  may be postponed for seven days, and then held at the same time and place, the members present, these forming a quorum.

e.            At least fourteen days (14) notice shall be given of all Annual General Meetings to members of the Association (the day of the meeting is excluded.)

Minutes of the Proceeding Meeting

11.       The Association shall record minutes of all its meetings which will be kept, and such minutes when signed by the Chairman, shall be prima facia evidence of the correctness of the matters therein recorded.


12        a.            The Association’s boundaries shall be so fixed and defined by members (at Club Level) at the Annual General Meeting or a special General Meeting called for this purpose.

Alterations Amplification Rescissions of Rules and Regulations

13.       a.            No portion of this Constitution and rules may be amended, rescinded, altered or amplified, save and  except at an  Annual General Meeting / or Special General Meeting called for this purpose, in accordance with Role 10.c above.

b.            Notice in writing shall be given to the Secretary of any proposed amendment, alteration, rescission, or amplification of the rules.

c.            At all meetings called for the purpose of considering the Constitution and Rules.  No decision shall be carried unless obtained b a two-third majority of votes.


Dissolution of Association

14.       a.            The Association cannot be dissolved without the written consent of two-thirds of its members obtained at one, and confirmed at another Special Meeting convened for the consideration of such dissolution.  This rule shall be read together with Rule 14.c.

b.            In the event of the Association being dissolved, the property of the Society shall be disposed of to the best advantage and the proceeds                      shall equally be divided among the remaining members in terms of Rule 14.c.

c.            If 6 (six) members remain, the Association cannot be dissolved or transferred.  The members will retain the Associations assets and rights.

Resignation of Members

15        a.            Any members resigning from the Association shall forfeit all claim to any share in the Association’s property and assets.  This also applied to any member expelled or indefinitely suspended. (Honorary members are included.)

b.            A member shall be considered and treated as having moved outside the district under the jurisdiction of the Association, whether he/he  had handed in a written document to effect his/her resignation or not, or has failed to renew his/her or not, or has failed to renew his/her subscriptions prior to commencement of the Annual General Meeting

Only Association Members Allowed in the Club Room

16.       a.            Association members only shall be allowed in the club room, provided however, that any non-member desiring admission shall first obtain permission from a Committee member.

Basketing of Birds

b.            Only members handling and basketing pigeons will be allowed at the baskets while basketing is taking place.

Transfer of Birds During Racing Season

17        a.            Birds transferred from one member to another flying to the same loft or stand, will not be allowed to compete in any race of that season.  This rule will be strictly enforced.

b.            The Race Secretary must be notified of all birds acquired or transferred by members.  This rule must be read with Rule 17.c.

Registration of Birds

18        a.            All members racing more than one team to submit a list of birds to the Race Secretary he/she intends racing during each season.

Withdrawal of Entry

18        a.            Members once having handed in a pigeon or pigeons for entry in a race shall not be allowed to withdraw his/her entry or in any way interfere with his/her pigeons or alter his/her forms or nominations thereon.

Acceptance of  Pigeons

19.       a.            All birds are accepted entirely at owners risk from time they leave their hands, and all ring particulars on the entry form shall be the responsibility of the member.

b.            Pigeons suffering from disease of any kind will not be allowed to compete in either racing or training and the Committee has the power to                    refuse any pigeon which they think is not in a fit or proper condition to be basketed.

Objection To Race Results

20.       a.            Any objection to race results shall be lodged in writing to the Committee within seven (7) days of the results being posted up, otherwise                      objections will not be considered.

b.            The Committee shall deal with such objections as it deems fit, and will be read in conjunction with Rule 6.a.


21.       Should any dispute arise, the decision of the Committee shall be final and binding.

Race Entry Fees

22.       a.            Entry fees, schemes, etc. , for races shall be decided at the Annual General Meeting.

b.            All charges mentioned in Rule 22.a are due on the first night of basketing, together with all the fees as laid down by the Association.

Prize Money

23.       a.            Prize money will be paid out once week after publication of the results, provided however that no objections to the results has been lodged as defined in Rule 4.b. hereof.

b.            Prize money’s could be subject to a deduction of 10% which will be credited to the funds of the Association, and will be distributed as decided before a race after deduction of 10%.

c.            In the event of only one pigeon being timed before close of race, the total prize money to go to such pigeon.

d.            In the event of only two birds being timed in before close of race, the prize money will be divided as follows :

1st Position            60%                             and                 2nd Position            40%

e.            Prize money not won may be placed to Association funds or refunded to members concerned. The Committee shall have the power to make such a decision.

Registration of Birds

24.       a.            All birds raced by the members in whose name they are entered, must bear intact rings, issued by a recognised society, combine, Federation or Union.

b.            No other rings will be allowed.

c.            Any member may nominate birds of another member to compete in nominations in any race with owners consent.

Young Bird

25.       All birds competing in young bird series must be rung with the official race ring of the respective organisation for that season.

Publication of Results

26.       The names of the prize winners, amounts won and each birds full ring details, will be published as soon as possible after each race.

Race and Clock Rules

27.       Race and clock rules shall be governed by the SANPO Constitution and Clock Rules for their respective races.


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