ProPigeon Racing

The club was formed in 2005 to bypass petty politics and concentrate on racing pigeons. A policy of no boundaries was adopted, and still stands good to this day.

The distance between East and West as far as fanciers go is +-50 km, and 1st to last catch +- 70 km.

As we all know the pigeon sport is getting more expensive every year and with this in mind a scheme was introduced at R2000 per annum, with members subsidizing this at R50 per week, to R3000.

We are one of the few clubs that pay out in excess of R6000 per week in prize monies for the first four positions.

The club started with 8 members and as of the end of 2007, there were 24 members flying open, and 27 young bird teams.

Always considered ‘little brother’ to the other organizations in Johannesburg, it’s amazing how many of the top fanciers in Alberton are now members, and although they race very well, they do not dominate the club completely.

The club operates very smoothly by adopting the attitude that if your bird was not in front, it was impossible to win the race.

Club rules are simple: - Pay your money, do your duties, and respect your fellow fanciers. This policy has seen our club go from strength to strength.

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